Our business scopes include 3D optical lenticular, flip, anti-fake technology, which are used in many kinds of UV printing items. All these techniques can be applied to stationery, gifts,advertising, permium, toys,electronics industries, promotional items,high-end color box packaging, tourism, media and so on. 

Products such as 3D phone case, 3D magic stickers,3D Game Card bank Card VIP Card, PP anti-slip placemats, 3D keychains& Card sleeves.3D Decorative paintings, 3D Movie poster, Gold/Silver cardboard boxes, Plastic Packaging Boxes&Bags, 3D File Bags, 3D pp albums, 3D file folders, 3D bookmarks, 3D notebooks, 3D puzzles,3D greeting cards, 3D postcards, 3D rulers, 3D pen container, 3D Plastic Badges,3D coasters, 3D fridge magnet, 3D Mouse Pads, 3D plastic advertising Fans,3D phone waterproof bags,

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