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7" 10" 12" vinyl record (LP) pressing

7" 10" 12" vinyl record (LP) pressing
Vinyl Record Pressingt (include lacquer cutting, plating, 1-4C labels and white inner sleeve.)
7" 10" 12" vinyl record (LP) pressing,33 1/3RPM or 45RPM -Lacquers Cutting, within 24min/side, 33 1/3RPM or 45RPM -Plating/Stamper -12" 140g 150g 180g black/white/clear base splatter record 7" 42g vinyl record (LP) -Lacquers Cutting, within 5min/side, 33 1/3RPM or 45RPM 7" 10" 12" 33 1/3rpm 6mins 16mins 24mins 45rpm 5mins 13mins 16mins
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Product Parameters

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33 1/3rpm or 45rpm 12", 10" 7" Vinyl Record (LP) Pressing services

Play Time for one side


33 1/3rpm6mins16mins24mins


Test Press Charge (choose what you need)

Black Test Press with white labels (2pcs)---- 135

COLOR Test Press with white labels (2pcs)---$228

Change TP's white label to color labels----$110

Picture Record Test Press (3pcs)----$235

Music Request

*New client please ask for our "vinyl record specification" to get to know order request and notification. 

* Please provide the copyright proof and authorization document for musci content before mastering making.

* The music source must be premastered.Best Music source is 16 or 24 bit wave file, sample rate 44.1K-192K.

*Best sound quality of 33 1/3 rpm of 12" vinyl is 18-22mins a side, not suggest over 25mins.  And 7" vinyl, please provide music 

source within 5mins. A side of 10" must be within 16 mins.

Printing File Request

*Can be edited AI or high res pdf file, 300 dpi or above.

*Die Cut template must be in individual layer and not locked.

*Text must be outlined. Or provide fonts file.

Copyright Document Request

*Not accept any order without copyright authorization.

*Supply whole set authorization documents from copyright owner to us.

*Lead Time 

     Mastering, Plating & Test Press : 3-4 weeks 

     Production : 15-20 days after receiving TP approval and all printing artworks and authorization document.                                        

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Packaging Details

* Package details

12" 150g with white envelope

    50pcs/ctn, 9.4KG, carton size is 33*17*39CM

12" 150g with white envelope+ color cardboard

    50pcs/ctn, 14.7KG, carton size is 34.2*27.2*36.5CM

12" 180g with white envelope

    40pcs/ctn, 8.9KG, carton size is 33*17*39CM

12" 180g with white envelope + color cardboard

    40pcs/ctn, 13.3KG, carton size is 34.2*27.2*36.5CM

10" 115g with white envelope+ color cardboard

25pcs an inner, 100pcs a master, 14.23KG

7" with white envelope + color cardboard

50pc/inner carton,100pcs/export, 8.36KG/ctn, carton box,32*23.5*22cm


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