CD DVD Blu-ray replication and packaging

Available with standard thumb cuts(disc comes out in the middle) or in our exclusive trend setting

Sleeve – cardboard pocket for CD and DVD with dimensions of 125 x 125 mm or 127x127mm for cd or 187x135mm for dvd, which is full-colour printable. It is made of white-gray or white-white folding cardboard, 157 g – 350 g depending on the type of the sleeve manufactured.The sleeves may carry 1 to 4 discs of 8 cm or 12 cm. CDs or DVDs are either inserted into the slot, or placed into a pocket that may have different cut-outs – thumb, curved, rectangular.The sleeves may have a glued or a single flap. It is possible to make a cut or pocket for booklet into the flap.Sleeves up to A5 size are used most often as a package insert in newspapers and magazines. We also make other types of paper sleeves on client request.

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