Commercial advertising info pack Services

Commercial advertising info pack is an important form of advertising.An info pack can sometimes motivate someone to buy a product.How to choose the packaging method that customers like, the size of the package, the gifts to be presented, the content of product promotion items, not only must consider the customer’s feelings but also the advertising costs, product sales methods and the price of the basic unit to create maximum benefits and value. These are the professional services we can assist in providing.

Commercial-advertising-product catalog envelope hat and t-shrit info pack services
Commercial advertisements packaging----Advertising mailing packaging include the catalog price list, instruction in envelope, hat and T-shirt, sticker info pack
Entertainment (movies&TV, music and games) box and printing packaging services
Collections Movies & TV of Global home entertainment ( Cube box with multi Blu-ray disk book, coaster, glass cup,foam, color printing cardboard box,export carton box etc);
Education gift box packaging services
Children learning playing gift box packaging soluation, fulte, books, cd and dvd disc, color box with window, blister, wooden color printing with animal stytle, clothing books, color handle box etc.
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