Commercial advertisment packaging


This project for customer who do their wine market promotion

To Singapore,Israel, Malaysia,Australia,New Zealand,

their productions include the below items.

BBV Welcome Kit Lit Box/Booklet 

Visalus Bracelet with Button

Booklet,157gram color,size:4.875” x 4.875”,24pages, saddle stitch

Box,350gram cardboard, size:5" x 5” x 0.625”,1 spot color + Silver Cold Foil,UV Soft Touch, Spot Gloss UV


Package cost(place the bracelet and booklet into the box)with shrinking wrapped

20 (w/cover),cover:200g,5c/5c,text:128g,5c/5c,falt size:457mm x 165mm,finished size:228.6mm x 165mm,saddle stitch,5 packs

4 panels,flat size:132mm x 254mm,finished size:66mm x 254 mm,250g 4C/4C,without the FCS&SFI,5 packs

Kit Components(PCS):

·         Outer Mailer Box

·         Getting Started Workbook Combo(workbook with CD)

·         Staying Started Manual Combo (manual with CD)

·         Listen & Develop CD Holder (will hold the 3 CD’s :Your First Look CD/ The Invitation CD/ HBR/Tasting Party CD)

·         Watch & Discover DVD Holder (will hold the 3 DVD’s :HBR/Tasting Party DVD/Evolution of Network Marketing DVD/Twenty Years DVD)

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