Packaging is an important form of advertising.A package can sometimes motivate someone to buy a product.

Commercial advertisment packaging

The advertising printing and mailing packaging kits we provide are designed and processed by customers such as large outdoor tent production plants, clear wine container machine factories, sawmill equipment factories,car navigation systems, baby toy bags, and so on.The text and pictures of the packaging, the products inside,are like a vivid story,so that people can remember, generate interest, and can accurately find the purchase channel in time.Packaging can sometimes motivate people to buy products.For example, a child might request a box of breakfast foods with a picture of a TV character.This child is more interested in pictures than breakfast. Coloring or cutting pictures for children, games printed on packaging,or small gifts in boxes also inspire many children to buy products or ask their parents for them.How to choose the packaging method that customers like, the campaign includes print and web advertising,brochures, textile design and a variety of promotional items.advertising gifts, fashion&beauty,people,editorial, still-life photographic.Our projects have covered a wide-rage of usage on advertisements and promotional items,not only must consider the customer’s feelings but also the advertising costs, product sales methods and the price of the basic unit to create maximum benefits And value. These are the professional services we can assist in providing.


This project for customer who do their wine market promotion

To Singapore,Israel, Malaysia,Australia,New Zealand,

their productions include the below items.

BBV Welcome Kit Lit Box/Booklet 

Visalus Bracelet with Button

Booklet,157gram color,size:4.875” x 4.875”,24pages, saddle stitch

Box,350gram cardboard, size:5" x 5” x 0.625”,1 spot color + Silver Cold Foil,UV Soft Touch, Spot Gloss UV

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