pendants gift invitation card design in cardboard envelope

a nice pendant hang on invitation card

300g color printing cardboard envelope with some die cut design to show the card

special deisng inviting letter include envelope inviting card and cardbag 

Product Material:Paper & Paperboard,Plastic PET/PP/PVC board, TFT LCD Video postcard

Special paper material be used,such as imitation cloth grain,stone paper,gold card,sulfuric acid paper and so on,

 stamp foil gold,silver and other foil color,convex,special die cut,

size is about 19x10.5,9x18.5,18x10.5,16.5x10.2,10x14.5,10.2x15.5

Be used as anniversary ceremony invitation card design and printing, anniversary of the founding of a school or college,tickets to concert and scenic area etc.

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