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Packaging Solutions Design & Teams

Our brand advertising packaging solutions the core is to create a one-stop marketing packaging brand service for customers, and provide copyright protection, product confidentiality and security control.Our projects have covered a wide-rage of usage on advertisements and promotional items.From simple leaflets to peripheral products such as signage, letterhead, envelopes, and postcards ,brochure, handbags, display stands, advertising gifts, T-shirts, hats and other promotional items to composite gift mailing sets or high-end luxury packaging. Assembly and deliver the brand's overall product solutions. In the past 15 years, we have successfully cooperated with many customers to provide inspiration for brands and provide them with creative packaging and product solutions, high quality, fast turnover, and accurately customize packaging and productsbusiness according to your brand needs.


The brand and packaging design teams are from the studio of Xiamen University School of Art is a postgraduate studio of the Department of Design of Xiamen University School of Art. It is in charge of the department's associate professor.There are currently 14 postgraduate students. The studio is committed to research in the field of visual communication design, focusing on brand identity design, packaging design, environmental space design,Network design, product design, promotion design and other practices. From brand, communication, graphic, product, space, to the rigorous exploration of design education, the design works widely recognized and praised by the society.

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Successed on:

- Madman movie DVD cube craft box sets,

- X-train Workout/fitness multiple disc box sets,

- Your Better Tomorrow Hypnotherapy multiple digipak boxset,

- Sony Series music gift box package material making.

- GE OnStar Guidance book material box set

- Norwood/VideoPlus etc maketing promotional packaging box set

- Kinds of CD/DVD books sets and other box collection projects

Supply Chain of A Product


Supply Chain Contents of Packaging Fulfillment


Proposal - product creativity

Sample setup - product development and design

Procurement and schedule - funding

Purchasing and manufacturing - mass production

Contract packaging, assembly and completion

Purchasing and planning quality inspection

Inventory management and retail distribution

Procurement and schedule

。Spare parts and after sales service



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