CD DVD Blu-ray replication and packaging

Vinyl record, also known as LP, is a long-lasting, black celluloid texture record. The suppression of vinyl records has almost occupied the sound and music carrier throughout the 20th century. 7“ 42g Vinyl Record(LP), 10" 110g Vinyl Record, 12" 140g 150g 180g Vinyl Record with two side labels,polylined white inner sleeve,250g 350g 4+0c lamination  flat or gatefold cutting cardboard jacket packaging.Playing time: signle side 33 1/3rpm 6min for 7", 15min for 10" 24min for 12"; 45rpm 5mins for 7" 13min for 10" 16min for 12".The music source must be premastered,best music source is 16 or 24bit wave file, sample rate 44.1-192k.

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