CD DVD Blu-ray replication and packaging

Client has to provide copyright proof of its recorded/programmed material. It is requested to provide authorized letter for any replications, which state that you are the copyright owner. Capacity 120mm CD/VCD/CDROM-650MB approx 65min,                 120mm DVD5 -4.7GB approx 133min /120mm DVD9-8.4GB approx242min, 80mm CD/VCD/CDROM-185MB approx 18min/ 80mm DVD5-1.4GB approx 38min,120mm Blu-ray disc 25GB, 50GB need AACS fee, Master making and Stampers


- CD DVD VCD CD-ROM, BD25 and BD50 replication and printing, 

-12" 10” and 7" Vinyl record pressing

- USB from 64MB to 256GB

Bulk CD DVD replication manufacturer, blank CDR, DVD+R/-R, Vinyl record pressing manufacturer, we provide CD DVD replication and printing services, including 12cm and mini CD, DVD5, DVD9, Blu-ray( BD25/BD50) and 7" 10" 12" Vinyl record pressing, monthly capacity 720million CDs and 380million DVDs,Bluray 100mil,Vinyl Record 0.6mil. Our CD DVD replication has the advantage of CSS & Macrovision copy protect, encryption, Philip Royal LSCD fee process, Blu-ray Disc Logo License Agreement.


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