About us

CDVDTURNKEY company was established in 2009. Our main products are replication and packaging of CD/DVD, 7"/10"/12" vinyl records pressing,including USB flash drive,high-quality catalog,instruction,manual,brochure,booklet,poster,flyer etc books printing services,together including combine these products and envelopes,paper bags,gift boxes etc as commercial advertising products and brand promotion display.We not only have our own printing and packaging factory with ISO9001,ISO14001 certification and environmental management system certification, but also have a mature and complete product line supply chain system. In the past 15 years, we have successfully cooperated with many brand customers Cooperation to provide copyright security and confidentiality protection.

Our advantage on:
- CD/DVD Blu-ray replication and Vinyl record factory
- Paper products Printing and Boutique gift packaging box manufacturer
- Custom Packaging kitting & assembly fulfillment services
- One-stop services Supply chain resources integration

Products including:
1.Commercial Promotion instruction advertising mailing gift box set 
Contents:books,envelope,poster,price list,instruction,brochure,manuals,leaflets,booklet,calendar,paper bag,gift packaging boxes,greeting cards,letters,stickers,Foam/Blister,T-shirt,TFT LCD Video books,USB,CD&DVD disc
2.Global Home Entertainment(CD/DVD replication&Vinyl Record pressing) 
1) Movies and Games entertainment box set Collections manufacturing
2) Music Album book digipak gift box set packaging
3) Fitness/workouts/Education and Training Multi CD/DVD disk gift box set
3.Complete product line supply chain Accessory sourcing
Paper Greeting cards,invitation cards&letters and envelope
Paper bag and Non-woven bag and cloth bag
RFID label,metal nameplate,sticker

Paper Display box and rack
Tin box and steel book 
2D/3D PP/PET/PVC Lenticular greeting/post cards
customized T-shirt/hat/hoodie with logo printing.

The main service industries include:

- Entertainment (movies and TV,music and games)

- Commercial Advertising Promotion mailing gift box set(mechanical equipment ,automobiles,wine,home furnishing,consumer electronics)

- Education,Training and Sports etc gift packaging and other industries.

The company's purpose is to combine our experience and creativity,a complete supply chain system is committed to providing each customer with one-stop packaging solutions and assembly fulfillment services.


HOT Product

21 / March

Top lid cube box and angled tray

21 / March

multi blu-ray Book stytle and slipcase box

21 / March

Foam carton box packaging

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