We help create and manufacture customized premium packaging and printing creations

Our Advantage

                               15 years experience focus on create and manufacture customized premium packaging and printing creations,                                           especially on optical disc CD DVD replication and cd dvd box set packaging.  


About us


Xiamen CDVD TURNKEY,since 2009 over 10 years of experience in working with large-scale enterprises in 38 countries.We have worked with companies such as Lionsgate, Staples, GE, SONY, Dasio etc.We currently have 245 staff members in two independent buildings of 35,000 square meters. We were awarded the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates and environmental management system. We help create and manufacture customized printing packaging services and marketing solutions for global home entertainment,global publishing,  commercial advertisements, gift packaging, optical disc packaging, BD, DVD CD,Vinyl record replication& printing, books printing, packaging bag and box.Our vision grows together with our partners. Based on the excitement and enthusiasm of the market prospects, combined with our experience and creativity, we are committed to providing each customer with updated and more value-added solutions, so as to satisfy consumers and increase Sales.

Factory Productions & Business services:

- CD/DVD Blu-ray Vinyl replication and packaging factory, Since 2003 year, over 5,000 square meters,own Canon green,ISO9000&14001,Reach & Rohs certification.



Established in 2009


Independent buildings of 35,000 square meters


Replication, box, printing factories


The latest news about CDVD TURNKEY

CDVD Turnkey accepts final layout files done using the following programs
General (both labels and print)
CDR (CD-Recordable) media can only be written to once, CD-RW media is rewritable.

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