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cd dvd jewel case packaging

cd dvd jewel case packaging


Jewel Case/CD Packaging/CD Jewel Case/cdvd disc manufacturing

cdvd supply professional jewel case cd&dvd packaging with 2-panel 4-panel inserts come retail-ready.

Standard jewel case packaging adding a foldout 6panel or 8panel, posterfold(8-12 panels) or staped booklet up to 40pages

Full color printing available on all panels, disc and tray card

clear black or white tray option

Free high quality poly wrap 

2-panel 4-panelJewel case

6-panel foldout jewel case, more room for graphics, lyrics and creative vision

8-page booklet jewel case available as an 8-page folder, stapled booklet for grahics, lyrics and creative vision

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