CD & DVD Replication vs CD & DVD Duplication

by:TURNKEY     2020-06-25
CD and DVD manufacturing is separated into two service areas. Replication and Imitation.CD & DVD Duplication may be the process of copying data, audio or video along with pre-existing disc, a CD-R or a DVD-/+R. Manufacturing a disc from raw materials (Replication) is simply expensive for low volume orders. A new DVD-R and copying information using lasers enables us to offer you a short run dvd duplication service, well suited for between 1 and 500 copies. The duplication process also enables us to present an express CD Duplication or DVD duplication service, orders can be delivered in under 48hrs! We can deliver into the London area in about an hr. We can still offer professional printing services using our duplication process, Screen, Litho and Inkjet printing are all available. So, if need to have less than 500 copies, choose the cheapest CD duplication or DVD duplication service. For larger orders of 500+ we recommend using a CD & DVD Replication service. Replication uses injection moulding machines to 'press' your discs against a male master, also referred to a 'glass master'. A reflective layer is added and the disc is coated for protection. Process incurs a setup fee, but each disc can be cheap to produce and large run duplication orders end up being manufactured while using replication process.We are constantly upgrading our machines present the best replication and duplication service available. Our printers is equipped for simple grayscale white orders through to high resolution full colour designs. CD replication orders can be machine packed into CD cases retain production time fast and value low. DVD replication orders can get ready so these retail ready with custom packaging retail wrapped and able to for re-sale. So, ought to you need when compared with 500 copies, or will need to copies fast; a growing process duplication service is going pertaining to being best for your needs. If require only a few more than 500 copies and you've a little time, a CD or DVD Replication service give the answer for assembling your garden shed.
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