How can I track my usb box ?
Xiamen CDVD TURNKEY provides tracking numbers for all shipments. This will allow you to track their location. If you have not received the tracking number by then, please contact us. We are here to help. We ensure that usb box is able to reach you safely.

Over the years, Xiamen CDVD TURNKEYCo.,Ltd has evolved into a major vinyl dvd manufacturer in China. We have been recognized as a reliable one in the industry. The CD hardboard box series is one of the main products of CDVD TURNKEY. cd plastic sleeve is of the most iconic design. Its smooth surface makes it look elegant and beautiful. The fabric of this product is hypoallergenic for the reason that it is free of any materials that can cause allergic reactions. Its specifications can be modified according to the needs of customers.

The business policy Xiamen CDVD TURNKEYCo.,Ltd launched with is slipcase box design. Ask!
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