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Custom pvc blister inner supports with clear window design color printed cardboard packaging box

Custom pvc blister inner supports with clear window design color printed cardboard packaging box
clear window design color printed cardboard packaging box
Custom clear window on the top with color PVC blister insert printed cardboard packaging box, CDVD supply Customized Transparent window color box blister forming tray as book box set packaging services, OEM/ODM, you can have your design ideas, We keep a firm grasp on practical realties. So, whilst we really enjoy designing category breaking ideas, we will ensure that commercial requirements and constraints are accounted for from the start-helping you get your product to market on-time and on budget.
color box with windows clear blister try and other material
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Supply Customized Transparent window

color box with blister forming tray to hold

books and other gift material packaging

This packaging design is used in the 

packaging of electronic products and product

manuals or some textbook products such as 

stationery and toys. This kind of packaging is 

simple and suitable for mass production to 

save costs.

Materials include:

- Color printing paper card box or corrugated box, 

 with or without hanging design:

- The transparent window can have different shapes, so you

 can easily see the specific content of the package.

- The plastic chassis and upper cover are designed to 

 accommodate different sizes and shapes according to the 

 products to be placed. They can be different colors and can 

 be flocked to make the product quality more high-end.

- Various electronic products such as headsets, chips, 

 commemorative coins, MP3, MP4, USB, or stationery toys, 

metal coin etc.

- Printed manuals, books, cards, flyers etc.



 We help create and manufacture customized printing packaging services and marketing solutions


Customization design


Complex productions produce and

package and kitting


High quality and competitive price

Productions process 

Productions Process

Incorrect or missing Tote/Carton Label
Incorrect quantity in Tote or Carton
No extraneous material allowed in assembled kits.
Mixed part numbers in same container


Components must match build matrix or kit build order for assembly sequence/orientation exactly, if required.
Components must match build matrix (if applicable) and kit work order (BOM) exactly.
"Kit label must be present and readable

"A) Wrinkle free wrap  
B) Product should be able to move within package
C) No tears/ No holes larger than 1/16"" 
Quantity must match previous Standard Pack for part number.
No extraneous material allowed at lineside.  
Suppliers not allowed to use rubber bands in product packaging.






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