Wales Miss Out on Historic Fifth Consecutive Celtic

by:TURNKEY     2020-05-29
Wales travelled to Scotland with high hopes of extending their record run of consecutive wins in the tournament, having won last year at home in the Wenvoe Arms venue near Cardiff. Having a number of top players missing made by this years squad, Wales were still seeking to come away your win but Scotland A had other plans. The competition occurred over two gloriously sunny days on Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May. After the opening ceremony on the Petanque terrain at the home of Marr Rugby, the games got under way at 9.30 with intense competition these solar lights. The opening matches were Wales verses Ireland and Scotland A verses Scotland M. Wales winning 11-5 and Scotland An also victorious 11-5. The competition then moved on with two more rounds of matches in order to played during the first day. Wales were now on Scotland A whilst the Irish turned their appreciation of Scotland S. The results of these matches left rivalry was announced still your past balance with Scotland An and Wales sharing the games 4 each, with Scotland B taking the honours 5-3 against the Irish. This left fundamental results big event first holiday to Scotland A, 15, Wales, 15, Scotland B, 10 and Ireland on 8. The second day started badly for Wales using third and fourth triples losing both games to their respective Scottish opponents. This allowed Scotland A get the advantage with honours even regarding other two triples. Ireland showed resilience and fighting spirit and gained some momentum by winning their final two encounters against the Scottish B squad 6-2. The results at this stage were Scotland An on 21 wins, Wales standing at 17, Ireland on 14 and Scotland B on 12. Moving in the last phase of the competition, Scotland A were clear advantage and just had to help keep their form against Ireland, whilst Wales now facing Scotland B had every chance to find up bit needed all four teams a whole a solid winning general. Although both Scotland An and Wales were november 23 their first round of matches 3-1, it was the hosts who made it possible to maintain form with an incredible finish winning the encounter against Ireland 11-5. Wales without much hope of catching them simply was missing enough left to overall the Scottish B squad who themselves went on to beat the Welsh 11-5. Only the Wales 2nd team of Stewart Spencer of Abergavenny, who is sponsored by the CD and DVD Duplication and Replication company Dischromatics, Ian Bailey of Baileys Garage in Abergavenny and Mike Jacques from the Wenvoe club showed enough fight to compete during that level with 9 wins from 12 games, only coming second to the Scottish A first team of Robbie Stronach, John Wilson and Paul Bretenoux who won all twelve events. Once again, although winning was collection of socket wrenches to everyone involved, much more of camaraderie, fun and banter throughout this weekend was superb and showed clearly why this is the petanque competition everyone wants to play in and is exclusive in kind of tournament. Thanks must see The Scottish Petanque Association and to Troon typically with a special mention for Donnie Macintyre for fantastic hospitality and superb organisation. Already, everyone is talking about and serious about the next venue along with the twenty fourth Celtic Challenge in Bangor in Ireland.
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