White Paper Details Facts on New Inkjet Technology

by:TURNKEY     2020-07-02
If you own an organisation and want to how can you reduce costs and saving time on your On-Demand Product Labeling, the LX900 from Primera Technology may end up being solution you are wanting. Most businesses already understand how crucial it to have product labels that stand out coming from a crowd. When a product label is colorful, interesting, and informative, consumers considerably more likely to pick up the product from the shelf. This simple act can lead to more sales. But how can your business save time and cash by producing your own full-color product labels? A good first step is to learn more to do with on-demand product labeling and the the Primera label printers can handle virtually any label printing need maybe you have. A free, informative white paper has been drafted as well as now available that details how a company can put this new printing technology to use. Unlike many other white papers associated with printers, hype and hyperbole are missing in this one. Instead, readers are given the facts and the information may need in order in order to the best buying decisions. While the white paper details important information about other forms of printing styles, its main goal is to inform readers of the advances created in inkjet technology. In the past, inkjet printing is not used for on-demand product labeling purposes. But, new advances made by Lexmark have changed all of those. A leading manufacturer of color label printers, Primera Technology is known throughout the industry for Blu-ray disc publishers, printers and CD/DVD solutions. Primera Technology has successfully developed short-run and medium-run printers that use inkjet technologies developed by Lexmark. Depending on production requirements for labels, now businesses can choose from the Primera LX400 or LX900 inkjet color label printers. These printers have important benefits that affiliate marketers who need product labels need to know regarding. These advanced product label printers use state-of-the-art thermal inkjet technology for full-color product labels. They are designed producing resolution up to 4800 dpi, which is sort of 240 times higher resolution offered by a flexographic printer. With this new technology, users have associated with 16.7 million colors. When used for short-run label printing, these printers works with low-capacity ink at slower speeds. But this is only the start of the many benefits these printers offer users. Even at slower speeds, print quality remains extremely high. Their cost is much less than the price other forms of traditional product label printers, and color inkjet printers present best solution for short-run printing jobs which is what many small- to medium-sized businesses want. If you need to find out more about the Primera LX900 product label printer, simply visit the site and read the white paper might be there. Detailed regarding all of significant components of this remarkable product label printer are freely available for your perusal. Reading the paper will anyone more insight regarding how you can time savings and money by producing your own on-demand product tags.
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