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Common Graphics Problems

Common Graphics Problems


1.Missing, corrupt, or unusable fonts 

1) Make sure all required fonts are sent with files in a separate folder, compressed to avoid corruption 

2) All text can be converted to outlines or paths, BUT that limits what we can do on this end to fix typos and may result in additional charges if resubmission of a layout to fix mistakes is required 

2.Low resolution images 

1) recommended resolution for images is 300dpi 

2) a source image at 300dpi, then scaled in the layout application will LOSE resolution! 

3) the SOURCE must be good quality - there is no way to fix low resolution 

3.Missing images 

1) .images should be LINKED to the layout file; this means that you must supply images in a separate folder 

4.Wrong color mode for printing 

1) print files should be CMYK unless quoted for adding a spot color 

2) label files should use Pantones unless quoted for CMYK (including all linked images) 

3) NO RGB - anywhere!!! (unless you want us to convert to CMYK) 

5.Order forms do not match the files submitted; eg: 

1) ordered 4/1, but files set up as 4/4 (or some other coloration discrepancy) 

2) spec of CD (A, B, C or D) 

3ordered 1 or 2 color label but files set up with CMYK (or worse, RGB) 

4graphic designer should help client fill out order forms correctly 

6.Templates not used, or wrong template used 

1especially for the CD label files - the wrong template or no template won't work! 

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