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DVD Regional code and DVD protection

DVD Regional code and DVD protection


what Region code are DVDs that you replicate?

Region codes are optional and you can specify which code or to have no region code.If therer is no DVD regional code,it will play on any player regardless of the part of the world.

At present, the list of regional codes in the world is divided into six regions.

The first area: the United States, Canada, the East Pacific Islands;

Second area: Japan, Europe, West Asia, Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, South Africa, Greenland;

Third region: South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries, Taiwan Province of China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China;

Zone 4: Central and South America, Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific Islands;

The fifth region: Russia, Mongolia, the Indian peninsula, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, North Korea, North Africa, northwest Asia, etc;

Zone 6: China.

The full name of DVD (Digital vertical disc) or (digital video disc). There are five formats of DVD:

1. DVD-Video (which can be divided into movie format and personal computer format); 


3. DVD-R;



DVD protection measures

1. Area code limit (you can only see the DVD movie in your area);

2. Disordered coding system (CSS); disordered coding system (CSS) CSS is a complex authentication program in DVD-ROM and decoding unit. When you play a movie, you must pass the authentication before the data is transmitted.

3. APS (macrovision) limitation of analog protection system. The analog protection system APS (macrovision) APS is to add a macrovision 7 chip to the TV-out of the display card to manage the messages output to the TV. If your display card fails to pass the authentication, the messages will be cut off when it is output to the TV, and the output results cannot be obtained.

Common DVD software players at present

At present, there are many software supporting DVD playing on the market, such as windvd, power DVD, Xing DVD Player、ATI DVD Player、Microsoft Media Player

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