CD DVD Blu-ray replication and packaging

Steel book, Blu-ray tin box,172*133*14mmh.Double-sided white porcelain CMYK+light/matte oil,a single iron box with a set of white/clear PP disc inner support.0.23mm thickness.

We supply all various shape/stytle tin box,such as Round tin box,square tin box,rectangle tin box,heart shape tin box,ellipse tin box,octagonal tin box,abnormity tin box,push-pull tin box.And be used for Food iron box,cosmetics iron box,gift iron box,health care iron box,home iron box, 

The company has passed the audit and certification of the company's ISO22000 food safety management system by the French BV, passed the Disney factory certification,the British SEDEX supplier business ethics certification,HACCP food safety hazard identification,evaluation and control,and has been audited and obtained a certificate.The company is equipped with a mold production workshop,a tin box stamping workshop,a packaging workshop,a dust-free workshop,a tin box laboratory,and a large warehouse.The workshop area exceeds 14,000 square meters.In recent years,the company's products have been sampled and inspected to meet the requirements of the German LFGB for food contact, meet the quirements of the FDA,and meet the requirements of the EU and South America for food contact tin boxes.

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