How much will it take for eco friendly cd packaging materials?
It occupies around twenty to thirty percent of the total cost for eco friendly cd packaging. The figure fluctuates because of the periodical changes. In some season, the supplies of materials may be in short and the price would rise. Also, the macro environment is also a factor. The change of the policy, for example, the central inspection that now is the 2nd round has certain influence on the industry chain. In future, we would like to establish a complete supply chain so that we could avoid the negative external impacts.
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Xiamen CDVD TURNKEY Co.,Ltd is the perfect choice for vinyl cd sleeves manufacturing, with fast turnaround time, professional product quality and high service expectations. CDVD TURNKEY's main products include cd jacket series. The product has outstanding mechanical characteristics. It is highly resistant to deformation and fracture, which makes it operate stably all the time. Its lightweight materials make it easy to carry. This product not only offers an individual a trendy and stylish appearance but also makes them feel refreshed and convinced about themselves. This product has been certified under REACH and RoHS.

The mission of CDVD TURNKEY is to build itself into a brand that can be trusted and to give customers the most compelling purchasing experience possible.

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