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How to make the standard DVD video?

How to make the standard DVD video?


How to make the standard DVD video?

Here is the standard DVD video production:

Must first transformation format into MPEG-2 then encapsulated with MPG2 format, is also called the packaged into the VOB file packaging will be generated after two folders,one audio folder such as audio and video is a video folder.

Two folders in video folder there will be a few small such as IFO files can only have this folder for burning DVD video disc.Use this format factory conversion software to convert FLV to mpg2 format first then use tmpeg DVD author of this software package into a vob format.

So pay attention to not only have the VOB file and other files and then burning software of Nero is used to burn the choice model of DVD video disc.Drag packaged good video folder all the files in then burn.Burn when had better choose four times the speed.

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