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Packaging boxes has proven to have great export potential in the international market. It has unique and important features that are difficult to replicate. Through exports, Xiamen CDVD TURNKEY gains benefits, expands customer networks and is exposed to new ideas and technologies.
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CDVD TURNKEY Co.,Ltd is one of the leading suppliers in China with a focus on designing and manufacturing product CD DVD Case. CDVD TURNKEY's main products include Blu-ray Packaging series. Stressing the importance of design of dvd packaging turns out to be a right way. It provides practical benefits like communicating the message. It must be necessary to focus on the quality assurance of cd jewel case packaging to develop sales network. This product shows a high-end printing quality.

Bearing social responsibility, we have established our Corporate Sustainability Group in order to engage in sustainability management with ESG elements at the core.

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