DVD & Blu-Ray Authoring

by:TURNKEY     2020-06-18
In 1997 digital video & audio technology entered people's homes around globe in the form of DVD, (Digital Versatile Discs), forever changing the watching movies industry. A decade later, another revolution is under way while introduction and ever-expanding uptake of Hi-def resolution video & high-resolution audio playback previously form of Blu-ray discs. Apart because of the much improved visual and audio experience, Blu-ray technology is rapidly growing in popularity because you'll find it offers enhanced interactivity with the Web. The live Internet connection allows Blu-ray to have access to a host of characteristics compared to Dvds. DVD and Blu-ray authoring is the terminology used to explain the creation of DVDs & Blu-ray discs for use in DVD & Blu-ray players. The name 'Blu-ray' is produced by the fact which blue laser (not red) reads the discs. Before the actual authoring process appears the video & audio is encoded and compressed to make certain that the images and all of other information with regard to the disc can fit onto a DVD or Blu-ray, and then take part in as a movie. Although a dual layer DVD offers 8.5 GB of capacity, with no video data being 'compressed' a standard definition movie by no means fit onto a disc. For DVDs the program is encoded in an MPEG-2 format, while for Blu-rays, MPEG-4 is the most used video compression codec. Although Blu-ray discs offer up to 50 GB of space, M-PEG 4 compression for the Hi Def video is used to govern what would amount to a Terabyte of uncompressed video. For your audio compression on a DVD, either Dolby Digital or DTS in up to.1 channels of discrete multichannel sorround sound systems is used. For Blu-ray, high-resolution sound is used with Dolby True HD or DTS Master audio in very much 7.1 channels of surround sound being the most popular choices. While the video & audio encoding process is under way, supplied or created artwork is generated to form the interactive menu screens necessary for navigational control of the film. On Blu-ray discs these menus are accessible in 'pop-up' form, which display this video program although continues to play. Once all video & audio assets are created, the industry standard high-end software 'Scenarist' is used to author or 'program' the disc. Once completed, the final disc is played for a thorough quality control (QC) assessment before being mastered for DVD replication or Blu-ray replication. The future of it exciting home entertainment technology continues to evolve with the arrival of cinema quality 3D video for Blu-ray discs.
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